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Enrolment Process

Have you just been selected to study in Macerata as an exchange student within one of our Bilateral Agreements? Please, follow these instructions for enrolment.


Your home University will have to send your nomination as an incoming student by email to the address: no later than 15 June (with the student’s first and family name, e-mail, area of studies and semester of scholarship). The University of Macerata (UNIMC) will send its decision within 4 weeks of the nominations. The students accepted will receive a Welcome e-mail and useful information for their future stay at UNIMC. You will then be able to apply (STEP 2).


To enrol as an exchange student at UNIMC for the second (spring) semester of a.y. 2022-2023, the Application Form for Incoming students within International Agreements is available here from 12 September to 30 June 2022


You will be asked to attach the following files, which are mandatory:

- a passport photo (.jpg);
- a scanned copy of your ID or passport;
- a scanned copy or your European Health Insurance Card (for European students);
- a scanned copy of your private health insurance (for non European students). You should demonstrate that you are fully covered by a health insurance policy against illness and accidents which may occur during your stay in Italy.



  • 15 June: if you are coming for the first (fall) semester / full academic year
  • 30 October: if you are coming for the second (spring) semester (NB: Please submit your Application Form in September after the summer holidays and NOT NOW)


After confirmation, the system will send a copy of the application to the e-mail address specified in the Application Form. In order to complete your registration as an Incoming Extra EU Bilateral Agreement student to the University of Macerata, we kindly ask you to

1) Print and sign (authentic signature required) the confirmation e-mail you received in your inbox

2) Have your confirmation e-mail signed and stamped by the Coordinator of the Bilateral Agreement or the International Office of your Home University

3) Send your confirmation e-mail, duly stamped and signed (.pdf format) to



  • 20 June:  if you are starting in the first (fall) semester
  • 5 November: if you are starting in the second (spring) semester



If you have requested an accommodation on your application form, please note that first semester students will be contacted during the month of JULY and second semester students during the month of DECEMBER to know whether you have been assigned a room or not in the University Residence.


If you have requested a Buddy on your application form, please note that first semester students will be contacted during the month of AUGUST and second semester students during the month of JANUARY with the name & contacts of their student buddy.

Upon Arrival (check-in)

Upon your arrival in Macerata, you shall arrange an appointment with the International Mobility Office during office hours (Tuesday to Thursday 10.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.) and register as an Exchange student. If you arrive outside office hours, you shall register in the following weekday.

International Mobility Office / Ufficio Mobilità Internazionale
Via Pescheria Vecchia N. 8 – 62100 Macerata

Tel: +39 0733 2586040 / 0733 2582553; - fax: +39 0733 2586039
Contact person: Anna de Santis (1st floor)
Office hours: Tuesday to Thursday 10.30 a.m. 1.00 p.m.

The International Mobility Office is in Via della Pescheria Vecchia, 15 minutes walk from the Train Station (Piazza XXV Aprile 10) and from the Bus Terminal (Piazza Pizzarello).

You will be requested the following documents

  1. Certificate of student enrolment at Home University: you shall demonstrate that you are regularly enrolled at your Home University for the current academic year (a valid student card or receipt of payment of university fees may be accepted)
  2. Certificate of Exchange student status issued by your Home university, indicating the length of your stay: you shall demonstrate that you have been selected by your Home University within the framework of one of the Bilateral Agreements of the University of Macerata. The duration of the period indicated in your Certificate must correspond to that indicated in the official Bilateral Agreement
  3. Original Passport (duly stamped at borders)
  4. Two passport size photos


Within 8 days from your arrival in Macerata

You will have to apply for an Italian residence permit, following the instructions available on the section POLICE REGISTRATION.

Before leaving Macerata (check-out)

You will have to:


You will receive:

  • 2 copies of your Certificate of exchange study period;
  • Your Transcript of Records will be sent to your University by e-mail and by ordinary mail (if requested).