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Course Enrollment

Anyone is welcome to enroll in a course of their choice from those offered within the university's individual degree programs. Non-European citizens that come to live in Italy for an extended period of time, will need to produce the following documents at the Italian Consulate/Embassy in their country  (in order to verify the correct deadline, please contact the Italian Consulate/Embassy nearest to you in your country):

  1. A request for admission addressed to the University of Macerata, indicating the university of origin and the courses intended to follow;
  2. A document issued by the university of origin, stating the student’s qualifications (university enrolment/degree certificate), which has been translated and authenticated by the Italian diplomatic delegation;
  3. Two signed photographs, one of which needs to be certified by the Italian consular, that state person's birthdate, place of birth, nationality, and permanent address.

By December 31st, students must complete their enrolment request at the administration office of their faculty of their choice. In order to do so they will have to:

1. complete the application form, also available at the secretary offices

2. pay the application fee:180 euros (university fee) plus 14.62 euros (marca da bollo – government taxes) for each course. If they obtain a scholarship through the above Italian consulate, they will be exept from paying any tuition fees. There is a differentiation in enrolment fees proportionate to the number of exams planned. Full time- all exams per year; part-time A- 3 exams a year; and part-time B- 1 exam a year.

3. present a copy of the residence permit offered to non-tourists issued by the Foreign Bureau from the Macerata Police Headquarters (Questura).

European, Italian, and non-European Union citizens legally residing in Italy must present the request for admission directly to the Secretary at the Student Office by December 31st.

Further information is available on the Student Registry Office web page.


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