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Macerata and its Territory

Studying in Italy offers a unique cultural experience to students from all over the world. Macerata, on the eastern side of central Italy, has a lot to offer! It is a medium-sized town with around 45,000 inhabitants that is surrounded by soft rolling hills. It is located between the sea and the mountains in the Province of Macerata within the centre of the Marche region. Here, the quality of life is excellent, due to small towns and natural parks, as well as to its peaceful yet lively atmosphere. Macerata is located in an ideal location for reaching all that the province has to offer. The Adriatic Sea Coast, ski resorts, the National Park of the Sibillini mountains, as well as other interesting and important historical cities and sites are all relatively nearby.

The province of Macerata is recognized for its employment rate as well as its great number of small and medium-sized businesses. Many companies in the province are international leaders in various fields including: footwear; electronics; lighting technology; food products; furniture; toys; and leather goods. The province is also of great interest from an artistic, architectural, historical, and religious point of view. It is rich in churches, abbeys, historic palaces and museums which remind us of tales of different historical periods and the local artists. Moreover, the theatre and outdoor opera house (the Sferisterio) welcomes a large number of tourists from all over the world each year with a rich theatre and opera season that features internationally famous artists and shows. In the town centre, you can find a number of piazze, vicoli, restaurants and cafes.