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Coordinators, learning agreement and courses

Learning Agreement

All exchange students must discuss their Learning Agreement (choices of courses) together with their Italian Erasmus departmental Coordinator (for the Erasmus students) or with their Italian Extra UE Bilateral Agreement Coordinator (for the students coming within the framework of Extra UE Bilateral Agreements): check the file to find out who the Professor corresponding to your Agreement is, and arrange a meeting with him/her within one month after your arrival in Macerata.

To find the professors' personal web pages visit this web page, or simply go on the university's main webpage, write the surname of the professor in the search  icon on the upper right-hand side ("Search pages or people...") and click the button “SEARCH”. If you click on their surname, you can visit  their personal web page. Here you can find their contact details, course information and office hours (“ricevimento”).

Select Your Courses

  • to broaden the choice of courses and to encourage the exchange students so that they can more easily find courses similar to their home ones, the University of Macerata allows them to have access both to the courses of the three-year degree (L – laurea triennale) and to the courses of the master's degree (LM – Laurea Magistrale);
  • in addition, the University of Macerata allows exchange students to attend courses related to the field of study of the relevant Erasmus Agreement as well as some courses of other areas of study on the condition that:
  1. the classes of the course are held in the academic year and in the semester of their stay in Macerata.
  2. only for Erasmus students: Choose the largest proportion of CFU/ECTS credits (at least 51%) from the Department for which you are exchanging. That means that the final Learning Agreement must contain the majority of ECTS credits in subjects belonging to the field of study and Department of the relevant Erasmus Agreement and only a minority number of ECTS credits belonging to a different field of  study and Department.
  3. Respect the maximum amount of credits rule:

-a full-time study workload per semester is 30 credits;

-a full-time study workload for the full year is 60 credits.

4. the Learning Agreement must be approved and signed by the student and by the Erasmus/Exchange Coordinators of both home and hosting institutions.

When you fill in the Learning Agreement, you must pay attention to the following rules:

  • write the names of courses as they are in the official unimc webpages (do not change nor translate them);
  • write the official number of credits (CFU/ECTS) as they are in the official unimc webpages (do not change them).

After having selected your courses, you may attend your lectures. There is no need to register in advance – you  may simply go to the first lesson that is available. This doesn’t apply to the Scuole di Specializzazione, the Ph.D Programs, and the one-year long master courses; Exchange students are not admitted to these courses unless specific arrangements have been made. More information on the timetablesrooms and professor’s office hours are available on the web page of each department (            The dates of the final exams are available BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Please make sure your Learning Agreement - the official list of the courses you are attending - is approved by your Italian Erasmus Departmental Coordinator /Italian Extra UE bilateral agreement Coordinator, within one month of your arrival in Macerata and not later than October, 31st (for Fall semester) or March, 31st (for Spring semester).

Any modification to the Learning Agreement needs to be agreed by the three parties (student and coordinators).The Learning Agreement cannot be modified after November, 15 (for Fall semester) or April, 15 (for Spring semester).

The list of courses is available at the end of this page. Please, pay attention when selecting the courses, because courses and rules vary from one department to another, for ex.:

- some courses are annual, meaning that even if lessons are held in the first semester, the first available exam session is the summer session (end of the academic year). Therefore, the student who is in mobility only during the first semester, will not be able to take the exam;

- be careful when the exam you choose is made of several modules. Pay attention to the semester in which lessons take place and if you are obliged to take all the exams or not;


Therefore, before inserting a subject in the Learning Agreement, the student must contact personally the Professor to check if he can take the exam at the end of the semester and to avoid problems with the officially on-line registration.

Online exam booking and final exams

Please, pay attention when you use the tool for online exam booking:

-check that the amount of CFU, the name of the professor and the department are the proper ones. However, during your stay the IRO will provide you the information needed;

- pay attention to attend your exams on their official dates. Even if partial interim examinations would take place during the semester or at the very end of the course, the final mark will be recorded accordingly to the official date of the exam. Sometimes the registration does not take place on the exact same day of the exam (especially for the written exams which need time for marking). Therefore, it is important that you talk to your Professor to know when he/she is able to officially register your exam in your “libretto   universitario".  For further information, please click here.

All the courses

Courses in languages other than Italian

You can also visit the following web pages to better organize your didactic (study) activities in Macerata: