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University Canteen

There are two university canteens in Macerata: one is in the historic town centre and the other in the Department of Education, Human Heritage and Tourism. Both are run by ERSU (the Regional Agency for students’ services).






Canteen in the Town centre

Vicolo Tornabuoni, 58/64

Tel: +39 0733 5620950
Opening hours:
-Lunch from 12 AM to 2,45 PM

-Dinnerfrom 7 to 9 PM (Apr-Sept) / 7 to 8,45 PM (Oct – Mar)

Contrada Vallebona - Macerata

Opening hours: Monday to Friday
-Luch from 12 AM to 2,30 PM
-Dinner: closed

You will need a rechargeable card (“tessera ricaricabile”) which you use to enter the canteen and pay for your meal. You can apply for this card on line by completing the free form CLICKING ON THIS LINK. Start by clicking on “registrazione nuovo utente - new user registration” and create your Username and Password. NB: It will ask for your ‘codice fiscale’ if you do not already have one refer to the relevant web page on how to obtain one.

After around three days from your on-line request you can go to the ERSU office (Via Piave, 35 - basement) to obtain your card and recharge it.

ERSU office.

Via Piave, 35 – 62100 Macerata

Tel: +39 0733 56201+39 0733 56201 ; Fax: +39 0733 5620264

Office hours: Monday to Friday_from 09.30/to 13.00; Tuesday and Thursday from 15.30 to 16.30


€ 3,00 for a light meal

  • o First course (usually pasta) or second course (meat or fish)
  • o One side dish (vegetables, cheese or potatoes)
  • o a drink
  • o bread
  • o fruit


€ 5,00 for a complete meal

  • o first course (usually pasta)
  • o second course (meat or fish);
  • o two side dishes (vegetables, cheese or potatoes)
  • o bread
  • o fruit or dessert
  • o a drink

You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype