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Visa and Police Registration



Foreigners that are NOT EU citizens and intend to come to Italy, may enter and sojourn in Italy only when in possession of a valid passport (or another travel document recognised as valid by the Italian government) and, if required, a Visa issued in their home country by the Italian Embassy.

Please, contact the Italian Embassy in your country and check if you need a Visa. The Italian Embassy will provide you direct assistance in applying for Visa.

You should contact the Italian Embassy well in advance, before your arrival in Macerata, in order to obtain the Visa in time.

The International Mobility Office of the University of Macerata will provide you with a letter of acceptance, when asked and after filling your Application Form on-line, only if necessary for your Visa application.


Please, note that NON-EUROPEAN students coming from a European University who will stay in Italy for more than 3 consecutive months no longer need to apply for a residence permit within 8 days of their arrival in Italy but only need to fill in a Declaration of Presence for the Police headquarters in Macerata. In order to complete the Declaration of Presence, students need to attach a copy of their residence permit issued by the European country in which they are studying.

Please, note that NON-EUROPEAN students coming from an Extra EU bilateral Agreement and staying in Italy for more than 3 consecutive months must apply for a E.U. Residence Permit for Study Reasons within 8 days of their arrival in Italy.


When you arrive in Macerata, the International Mobility Office will be available to help you manage the entire procedure. Here are the steps to take.

The Application Form is to be filled in with the support of "Patronati" - local unions offering free advice and social assistance to workers and non-European citizens. The list of the local unions offering free support is available on:

Click on “Ricerca struttura" (left side) and select in the drop-down menu: Struttura PATRONATO / Provincia MACERATA / Comune MACERATA / Cap 62100. You must take an appointment with one of these local unions within 8 days of your arrival in Italy.


Students coming in the framework of Erasmus or Bilateral Agreements, can refer to one of the contacts listed below:

1. INCA – CGIL, Emanuela Cingolani

T. +39 0733 245711; +39 0733 245711 ; F: +39 0733 231754

Opening hours:

- every Wednesday morning from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (in CGIL offices located in Via Garibaldi, n. 77 (hold town), Palazzo Torri, 62100 Macerata - in front of the pharmacy);

- on the other days - by appointment arranged by phone (in INCA – CGIL offices, located in Via di Vittorio, n.1, Piediripa, Macerata).

How to arrive: BUS NUMBER: 7 or 8 , STOP NAME: "CINEMA MULTIPLEX".


2.  CISL, Samuel Kunun (Sammy) Tel.: 0733/407511 Cell. 339/7892960

ANOLF CISL, via Ghino Valenti 27, Macerata T.  +39 0733 4975204   F.  +39 0733 4075222  @:

INAS CISL, Via Ghino Valenti 35, Macerata T.  +39 0733 4075276,259,262,267  F. + 39  0733 4075261

Opening hours:

Monday:  ore 9.00-12.30, 16.00-19.00

Tuesday: ore 9.00-13.00

Wednesday: ore 9.00-13.00

Friday: ore 9.00-13.00 / 16.00-19.00

Saturday: ore 9.00-12.00


3. ACLI Macerata

62100 MACERATA - Piazza G. Mazzini 42

T. +39 0733/230611 F. +39 0733 274397 @

Opening hours:




09:00–13:00, 15:00–18:00






09:00–13:00, 15:00–18:00




On the day of your appointment, please take the following documents with you to the local union to apply for your residence permit:

  1. The acceptance letter issued by the University of Macerata you received to apply for the Visa before your departure.
  2. Certificate issued by the University of Macerata. If you are an exchange/erasmus student, you get this certificate when you register with the International Mobility Office.
  3. A copy of your passport or another valid travel document bearing an entry visa, if required.
  4. Copy of your Health insurance valid in the Italian territory for the period of your stay in Italy.
  5. Copy of the tax code (codice fiscale) to be done at the Agenzia delle Entrate, Via Pannelli, 1 62100 Macerata.
  6. Copy of the accommodation declaration or the lease in Macerata.
  7. Copy attesting the possession of an income necessary to live in Macerata.
  8. 4 recent and identical passport photos with a white background.

After you have filled out the Application Form, you must hand it in at Macerata's Central Post Office (via Gramsci, 44; tel: 0733 2730530733 273053 ). Refer to the counter providing the 'Sportello Amico' service.


You will have to pay the following fees to apply for a residence permit

  • € 16.00 for the electronic revenue stamp. This stamp is called 'marca da bollo' and is sold in shops called "Tabaccherie"
  • € 30.00 when posting your registered letter
  • € 70.46 (to be paid using a pre-printed paying-in slip at the cost of € 2.00) to get the electronic residence permit for a duration of ONE year.


At the post office you will get a receipt replacing the "receipt slip" that was formerly handed to applicants by the Immigration Office. The registered post receipt together with the original of your expired residence permit or Visa (if it is the first issue), will allow you to travel to your own country in specific periods of the year as determined and regulated by the immigration authorities.

Upon submitting your application to the post office counter, you will receive a slip asking you to report to the Immigration Office on a given date (after approximately 15 days), bringing your photographs. If this is your first time in Italy, you will also be fingerprinted.

While the request for residence permit is pending

All non-European students asking for residence permit for study reasons for the first time are not allowed to travel outside the territory of Italy while their request is still pending. For further information, please visit the following webpage provided by the Italian State Police:


Check on the Police website if your residence permit is ready by entering the file number or the registered mail code, which you obtained at the post office:

If your residence permit is ready, you can go and collect it at the Immigration Office.

The electronic residence permit is a magnetic card similar to a credit card, which contains a microchip and a machine-readable magnetic stripe in which are stored the card holder's personal details, photograph and fingerprints in digital format.



Address: Via Domenico Annibali No 110, (Piediripa), 62100 Macerata (MC)

Telephone: +39 0733 36861 - 0733 254662 (U.R.P. Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico – Public Relations Office)

Office hours: Monday to Friday:  8.30 a.m./10.30 a.m.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Info Number: +39 0733 36861 12:00 p.m. -13:00 p.m.


You can reach Via Domenico Annibali No 110 with the following buses:

URBAN BUS number 8: bus stop Piediripa - Incrocio Statale Maceratese (8 minutes walk from Via Annibali). Click here to check Urban Bus schedule.

EXTRA URBAN BUS (Contram lines) to Civitanova: bus stop Bivio Stazione Piediripa (6 minutes walk from Via Annibali). Click here to check Extra Urban Bus schedule.

The bus ticket is around 1,00 euro. You can buy it:
1) at the AMP customer service desk (via Pannelli,1 – 3 minutes walk from the International Mobility Office)
2) in news agent’s called Tabaccherie


For further information, please refer to the following websites: